Recycling is a necessary trend

Recycling is the process of renewal resources, which change the waste material in new products. It includes the collection of waste material, sorting and processing of raw materials. These materials then serve for the manufacture of new products. The essence of a mechanical recycling is also the reduction of waste materials. Recycling is increasingly necessary particular in the field of plastic because there is more and more plastics waste.

When the waste plastics is sorted, then comes the process of grinding. In the mills for grinding the pieces of plastic are crushed into small grains. That is a prerequisite for further work. Ground plastic has a weight and shape easier to storage. The most important thing for grinding plastic is the right choice of blades. For grinding and crushing are used rotor and stator knives. The function of the rotor blade is an accurate cut of material. Stator knife is used for scrapping.

The importance of recycling

Global production of plastics has increased from year to year. According to some statistics we produce annually around 300 million tons of plastics waste. It is necessary that return at least part of the waste plastics back into service. Did you know that with every ton of recycled plastic we prevent up to 2 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, resulting from the normal production of plastics in the refining industry.

Waste plastics can be processed using the latest technologies with non-hazardous procedures for the environment. There so recycling is no risk of for environment or for people.

Industrial knives and blades for recycling

We manufacture various rotor and stator industrial knives, as well as brackets and spare parts suitable for crushing or grinding of recycled materials. Quality of industrial knives /KN/ is ensured by the ISO 9001:2008 standard. MORE >