Messe K Düsseldorf Wir haben die größte internationale Fachmesse für Kunststoff und Kautschuk- Messe K in Düsseldorf besucht.  Die Messe wird alle drei Jahre organisiert und gilt als die größte Fachmesse für Kunststoff und Kautschuk in der Welt. Die Messe hatte mehr als 3.000 Aussteller, die fast 60 Ländern vertraten.  Die neueste Innovation aus dem […]

Recycling is a necessary trend Recycling is the process of renewal resources, which change the waste material in new products. It includes the collection of waste material, sorting and processing of raw materials. These materials then serve for the manufacture of new products. The essence of a mechanical recycling is also the reduction of waste […]

B2B meeting in Dortmund We were invited by the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce on 8. and 9. June 2016 to the B2B meeting in Dortmund. The meeting was organized by the Industrial – Chamber of Commerce Dortmund. The organizers have prepared a very well-organized meetings with German companies and companies from the Balkan countries. The […]

9IFAT München We have visited international trade fair IFAT.  That is a trade fair  for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. It is located in München. It has a 50 years of tradition. Businessmen from all over the world visited this fair from 30. May to 3. June.  We were interested in this fair because […]